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About | Worldview Exchange

Why are we building Worldview Exchange?

  • The news we're served is no longer the news we need.
  • Social media has created filter bubbles and echo chambers.
  • We're less able to appreciate other points of view.
  • Public debate is more divisive. Our media more partisan.
  • Passivity in news consumption is linked to poor mental health.

So what's the solution?

At Worldview Exchange we believe in the value of giving news consumers the ability to actively express and explore their views and beliefs as they engage online with new ideas, events and information.

So we're building towards a tool that will enable readers to express, compare and share opinions online in a safe environment, where they retain ownership and control of the personal data they create.

Start local before going global

Worldview Exchange is an Australian startup. Before we get to far ahead of ourselves we’re first getting great at serving those we know best. And that’s Australian news consumers. With more on the way, our extension currently supports the following online publishers:

  • ABC News
  • The Guardian Australia
  • 9News
  • Huffington Post Australia
  • SBS News

For the news media

In the news game? Concerned with providing your audience a rich and rewarding experience? We're seeking partners in news media to collaborate with through our design and development process.