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Privacy Policy


This is document sets out the privacy policy that applies to all data and information generated by Worldview Exchange users, administrators and editors.

This Privacy Policy is a live document, to be updated in response to evolving circumstances.

Follows is the text of the Worldview Exchange Privacy Policy, to be easily accessible on the Worldview Exchange website and all future versions and incarnations.


The mission of Worldview Exchange is democratising personal data and empowering people.

We believe in putting you back in control of your own data, back at the centre of its collection and commoditization.

Empowering people is the single, central organising principle of Worldview Exchange. Putting the interests of the individual is above all else, and is at the centre of our design. This includes the design of our Privacy Policy.

The ownership of all data and information collected by Worldview Exchange, whether generated explicitly or implicitly, remains with you, the individual and creator.

Worldview Exchange retains the right to use your data, and aggregations of user data, for the following purposes:

  • Making Worldview Exchange products even better, by changing our design to give you more of what you like, and less of what you don’t.
  • Communicating with you, about changes to our services and changes to terms of use and policies, including this policy.
  • Delivering advertisements, should Worldview Exchange ever incorporate them within a product, that better match your profile as a consumer.
  • Publishing the results of polls and surveys to better inform public debate and discourse.

In exercising these rights, Worldview Exchange will never share or disclose data or information that is identifiable at the level of the individual.

Worldview Exchange will ensure the very best security measures are in place to keep safe your data, including personal contact details.

We will not take responsibility for the privacy and confidentiality of data and information generated by you using Worldview Exchange which is then shared by you with other individuals or organisations, either within the app or via other communication services.

Worldview Exchange is working toward making it easy for you, in one simple action, to delete your account and immediately remove all your data from the Worldview database, or for you at any time to download all your data into an accessible format. In the meantime, either of these options can be enacted by direct email request.

Worldview Exchange will notify you of any changes to this policy, and provide an opportunity for comment and feedback on changes before your continued use of the service.

If you have any queries about this privacy policy, or wish to register a complaint about privacy or the use of your data, please contact Worldview Exchange founder Richard Shannon by email direct on richard at worldview dot build.